Zine Workshop: How to Zine a Community

This zine is a collaborative effort as a result of the How to Zine a Community workshop, held by Incubatorul de Animație (The Animation Incubator) in April 2024.


Incubatorul de Animație (The Animation Incubator) is the largest community dedicated to non-formal education in animation, digital art, and technology for young creatives from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.


The zine may be viewed below (please allow 10 seconds for it to load) or by clicking here.


This zine aims to explore the individual perspectives of our participants, uncovering how they perceive themselves within different communities. Ultimately, it represents a snapshot portrait of our community and the diversity within it at this point in time.


Our spaces are always accessible, diverse, and inclusive. We are community-led, interdisciplinary and value collaboration above all. 


Incubatorul de Animație is a project powered by Animest Bucharest International Animation Film Festival.